SOMETHING NEW UNDER THE SUN | James Horak & Crystal Clark | May 2017

Source:,, Information Machine

Topics discussed:

Hand of God & PJ’s Manifesto: Outmaneuvering the surveillance state with “bathwater”
Hypnogogia: Acquiring extra knowledge during the in-between state, borderland, dreamlets/dreams
• Lucky Guesser Phenomenon (LGP)
• Strange synchronicities: How my own personal story and experiences led me to help James share his story and experiences
• Why the six previous lineages of earth-bound man have miscarried and why it’s happening again
• What a successful birth might look like and mean for us—becoming members of an “extended community”
• Why the elites have no escape—Intelligent Design employs a wisdom that prevents the spread of aberrancy
The moon: what it is and where it came from
• How we really got (back) to the moon–it wasn’t done with rockets
• The space fungus and why man was kicked off the moon
2000 Space Fungus article from Boston Globe writer
• Maurice Chatelain, former Communications Dir. For Apollo missions wrote books discussing man being kicked off the moon and how our ancestors came from outer space/the moon
• The muddied waters of history: We’re not native to earth—earth has its own history from before our arrival
• Cro-magnon and Neanderthal were here before we arrived
• Cro-magnon not being native to earth either resolves the anomaly of their sudden appearance (as if out of nowhere) on earth.
• That man evolved from apes is mythology
• In his book, HUMANS ARE NOT FROM EARTH: A SCIENTIFIC EVALUATION OF THE EVIDENCE, an ecologist writes the human race has defects that mark it of being ‘not of this world’.
• Of People and Pandas: no “missing links” (transitory) species, of people or animals, have never been found because they don’t exist—appearance of new species is sudden
• Pro-Selenes wrote about a time before the moon arrived in the sky
• Why planets hosting sentient life require a moon
• Elites have been in possession of a “second technology” since the Civil War (1861-1865)
• Elites began forming cartels to protect their monopolies, implemented “planned obsolescence” (the REAL strain on our environment–not ‘over-population’), and rigged the patent process to prevent new inventions from threatening their power
• Jules Verne and Captain Nemo
• Crowley, Parsons, and the occult, Luciferian influence on NASA
• NASA’s predecessor, NACA, established in early 1900’s
The Technocracy movement begins in the 1930’s—first use of the term “social engineering” (according to author Patrick Wood)
The Catholic Church’s LUCIFER telescope in Arizona—what were they really looking for and why?
Horak’s moon shaft: high technology used by our ancestors, found in Romania by Antonin Horak
Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band’s 1997 Album, Coronal Mass Ejection, includes a song called Horak’s Moon Shaft
• The connection between Horak’s moon shaft, the recent find in Romania, and strange happenings in Antarctica
• High technology from the deep past includes machines in the moon working with engines in the earth to keep the moon in parody
• The recently observed “lunar wave” phenomenon is actually showing this technology working in real-time
Ted Gunderson (FBI) tried to get information from James about Antonin’s discovery—lied to James Horak about meeting his uncle
• Deep state experiment with two of the engines in Lake Vostok responsible for uptick in earthquake activity
• Fukushima cores hitting the mantle of earth caused another increase in earthquake and volcanic activity
• Opinion-forming is the first step towards mind control
• Snowflakes under mass mind control: Scientism a factless religion (the Technocracy model)—prophecies of the 4th world “lostness of mind”
• The word “triggering” comes from the mind control vernacular
• Snowflakes and “adulting” school: Not shown how to run their own lives because the globalist agenda plans to run it for them
• Why the elite don’t want (and can’t afford) the rest of the population to know the truth
To learn more about James Horak’s  new book, Siege in the Davis Mountains, including point-of-sale outlets, click here: Siege in the Davis Mountains by James Horak

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Ray McGovern | How deep is the "DEEP STATE" | Caravan to Midnight with John B Wells | May 21, 2017



 Topic: Deep State - The battle between good & evil

 Bio Ray McGovern

Bill Ryan & Dark Journalist | Secret Space Psyops: Celebrity Whistleblowers! | May 20, 2017

Source:, Project Avalon Forum

The Most Important Interview of The Series!
In this fascinating and wide ranging conclusion to the 3 part interview series by Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt of Project Avalon’s Bill Ryan, they continue to peer through and untangle the tangled web of mind control entertainment memes that are being developed by Corey Goode and David Wilcock around the topic of the Secret Space Program.

The cartoonish narratives and unvetted claims of blue avian aliens selecting Goode to be a time traveling astronaut have strained even the open minded UFO research community and the latest developments of Goode’s tale being launched as a comic book appears to sacrifice the final shred of investigative value to a case that has called into question the rationale and integrity of the New Age media production company Gaia TV.

The Celebrity Whistleblower Problem
In the course of 70 years of research into UFOs and over a decade of research into the Secret Space Program many retired Military personnel, Astronauts, and covert operators have come forward and shaped a legacy of whistleblowers that have risked tremendous repercussions to bring us the truth that the Government and the Media have kept behind a wall of total secrecy. In the case of UK hacker Gary McKinnon, he risked decades in prison to leak information concerning the fact that the United States had developed an Off-World Officer fleet with no public awareness of the program.

Recently, we’ve seen a disturbing number of individuals with no credentials, no evidence and no verifiable paper trail come forward for their 15 minutes of fame and claim to be involved as key members of this covert program. The problem is with nothing to back up their story and the additional claims they make of being messengers of elaborate galactic beings, the entire trend seems almost engineered to discredit legitimate research into the missing trillions gone from the federal budget.

It is theorized by research experts like Former Assistant HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts and Oxford Scholar Joseph Farrell that the missing money is being pumped into a secret space infrastructure that has no public accountability. That verifiable line of inquiry is often drowned out by the celebrity whistleblowers and their predictions of imminent ET Disclosure and the ascension of humanity through the intervention of a Space Alliance.

Psyop or Sellout?
Ryan’s article ‘The Truth About Corey Goode’ that set the stage for this informative series of interviews basically asks the question: are we looking at a psyop being perpetrated by intelligence groups to take the attention away from legitimate UFO research and replace it with story lines that won’t hold up to scrutiny and celebrity whistleblowers that will eventually be discredited and discarded by the unscrupulous entertainment companies that seek to profit from the confusion around the entire Secret Space Program topic.

Newsbud | Mind Hack with Jeff DeRiso | Winning the Battle to Control Your Mind | May 19, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

In this week’s edition of Mind Hack, Jeff DeRiso looks at an achievement by Japanese researchers using brain waves to decode human speech. He also examines a US Defense Industry insider’s view of advances in neuroscience and bioweaponry. Also, we’ll examine how the dynamics of power can act as a control mechanism of human behavior, and the ways to connect with other humans despite our cognitive biases toward self-preservation.

Show Notes:
Japanese scientists know what you are about to say
Weaponizing the Brain: Neuroscience Advancements Spark Debate
Flashback: Stanford Prison Experiment
The Problem of Psychological Asymmetry

Brien Foerster | Lost Ancient Technology Of Egypt: Tanis: Evidence Of Cataclysm | May 18, 2017


Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | May 18, 2017


Big news from Milan, where Deutsche Bank managers are on trial... it's the language of the Italian judge that makes one wonder...

Article: Deutsche Bank Sued For Running An "International Criminal Organization" In Italian Court

Christine Anderson | Cult Of Personality-The Evolution Of Corey Goode | OffPlanet Radio with Randy Maugans | May 18, 2017

Source: OffPlanet Radio,

OffPlanet Radio goes to the primary source for a deep look into the emergence of an alternative media cult figure. Corey Goode went from unemployed IT worker, medicated, repressed, and in poverty, to a media cottage industry with a TV series on Gaia(M) TV and a lucrative slot on the conference circuit.

Claiming he was a childhood recruit of the "Secret Space Program"", Goode. long with David Wilcock and Dr. Michael Salla, began talking about an offworld race, The Blue Avians, one of five groups of beings collectively called The Sphere Alliance. Goode currently travels, speaking about "the message of the Blue Avians for humanity"...Is he legit---or a product of intelligence agencies and opportunistic media handlers?

A conversation with Christine Anderson, who was an admin on the Project Avalon Forums during the time the person now known as Corey Goode was emerging. In September of 2014, she conducted an informal talk with Goode at his home, recording the conversation that was later released as the first interview.

As Christine describes, there were dramatic changes in Goode's story, as well as his demeanor. Then there were ensuing dramas that spilled over into other online groups, personal lives, and the online disclosure community, as the once reticent Goode became an online tyrant. In the background, a war of egos and the deals that launched a media career.

Christine Anderson is a successful entrepreneur, healer, remote viewer, and coach, who writes and produces her videos, interviews, and words of encouragement. -OffPlanet Radio

Climate Engineering Spray Dispersion Caught On Film | Dane Wigington | | May 18, 2017


How can we wake people up to the ongoing global climate engineering assault when so many have been so completely conditioned to deny this most dire issue? Shocking and compelling visual images are the most effective approach. The one and a half minute video below contains undeniable film footage of a jet aircraft spray dispersion of aerosols into the atmosphere. Visual proof is the most powerful key to raising awareness. Sharing this kind of visual proof on social media networks is an effective method of sounding the alarm.

Waking someone up to something they don't want to hear about and don't want to know is an extremely difficult task, programmed denial is epidemic in our society. Simple straightforward visual tools are (in most cases) the best introduction method. In addition to the many compelling aircraft spraying videos that can be shared online, an effective informational flyer is almost always far more impactful than a verbal dissertation for face to face introductions to the climate engineering / weather warfare issue.

"A picture is worth a thousand words" as the saying goes. In the last 4 years has printed and distributed well over 500,000 color glossy 2 sided flyers. A total of nearly 40,000 flyers have been circulated in Northern California's "Record Searchlight" newspaper (even though the "Record Searchlight" editorial staff itself has done all they can to deny the climate engineering reality). In late 2016 almost 42,000 flyers were distributed by the Sonoma County Press Democrat. Most recently, on April 28th, 2017, approximately 50,000 Geoengineering Watch flyers were circulated within the pages of the Sacramento Bee.

Tom Campbell | Youth Fireside Chat | May 2017


Last weekend we had the second Youth Fireside Chat where Tom answered questions from a younger audience than we usually have on the regular Fireside Chats. Unfortunately, several participants didn't show up but Kyle our new 12-year old member and 10-year-old Alexander who was already attending the second time saved the day by coming up with a lot of really good questions for Tom, so we almost went for the whole 2 hours we had scheduled.

It was a great interaction and we have already agreed to do this a third time. If you are a teenager, see the recording and want to be a part of the next edition of this format, feel free to contact Oliver at for further information.

Newsbud | China Watch with Peter Lee | One Belt One Road and Two Wars? China Spars with North Korea and India | May 17, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

This week on Newsbud’s China Watch with Peter Lee: One Belt One Road and Two Wars? China Spars with North Korea and India. Also, Miles Kwok goes large. Day of reckoning for Erdogan’s Uyghur adventure. And anti-Chinese agitation shadows Indonesia.

Show Notes:
Few from West drawn by China’s One Belt One Road Conference
Plan Trump: If North Korea doesn’t denuclearize…we screw China!
Chinese rappers say No to THAAD
Guo Wengui - Everything is Just Beginning - to 110000 friends
How Erdogan Empowered Jihadists from China
Deeper and Darker into the Uyghur Turkish Passport Mystery
Trump’s Indonesian Allies in Bed with ISIS-backed Militants Seeking to Oust Elected President
Exclusive—Indonesian Islamist Leader Says Ethnic Chinese Wealth is Next Target

Elana Freeland | The Global Smart Grid, The Space Fence, AI and The Transhumanist Agenda | Richie Allen Show | May 16, 2017

Source:, Books Elena Freehand

Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson | Alternative Earth Geology | May 16, 2017

Source: Joe Rogan Experience youtube,

Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist, well known for books such as "Fingerprints Of The Gods" & his latest book "Magicians of the Gods". Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar. Michael Shermer is a science writer, historian of science, founder of The Skeptics Society, and Editor in Chief of its magazine Skeptic. -Joe Rogan Experience

Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Dr. Desiree Hurtak | Ancient Egypt: Electric Power Systems | FADE To BLACK with Jimmy Church | May 15, 2017


DRs J J and DESIREE HURTAK are founders of The Academy For Future Science, an international NGO that works to bring cooperation between science and consciousness to assist the various cultures of the world.

They have accomplished extensive archeological studies in Egypt and were one of the principal discoverers in 1997 of the “Tomb of Osiris” on the Giza Plateau.

J.J. is the author of numerous books including, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®, translated into seventeen languages and the End of Suffering that he co-authored with physicist Russell Targ. Together, the Hurtaks have written several books including their latest, Overself Awakening.

The Hurtaks have also written several commentaries on the ancient Egyptian-Coptic manuscripts of The Pistis Sophia and The Gospel of Mary (Magdalene).

Their most recent book entitled Mind Dynamics is on remote viewing co-authored with physicist Elizabeth Rausche.

Interview start 33:10 min.

Dark Journalist | Secret Space Program Update! | Ryan Exposes Goode: The Facts! | May 16, 2017


A Special Dark Journalist Report
This informative update between the second and third installment of the groundbreaking Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt interview with Project Avalon's Bill Ryan, explains the massive Marketing/Entertainment/Intelligence Psyop that is attempting to divert serious research into the Secret Space Program. Gone is the serious inquiry into the Missing Trillions that have been covertly funneled into space infrastructure with a major transformation into a Milk Toast, New Age Benevolent Time Traveling ET fairytale.

Goode's Story Crumbles
Bill Ryan recently wrote a compelling article that called into question the story of Corey Goode, who claimed to be involved in a secret military program as a Time Traveling Astronaut. Goode also claimed benevolent Blue Avian aliens were using him to communicate with humanity.

Ryan had started his investigative career on Project Camelot and later founded Project Avalon and had interviewed many whistleblowers. When he spent time dealing with Corey Goode and his bizarre story, red flags were flashing everywhere. Goode had no evidence and his story was changing too much and becoming far more elaborate. Ryan had also received information that the entire spectacle may be part of a larger effort to discredit serious UFO and SSP investigation.

The Truth Stakes Are High
UFO research over the course of 75 years has always been a target of intelligence operations to discredit the notion of advanced technology and off-world civilizations. This new push to take serious, meticulous research on a Secret Space Program being developed without the public's knowledge and have the narrative be adapted as some false, discrediting narrative about Goode as an ET Messenger and member of a Space Alliance is too much for serious researchers to fathom. It appears that the topic of this Secret Program is being manipulated and contaminated by design. By the time this bizarre effort is over, most people may not even recognize the field of UFO and SSP investigation.

The Corbett Report | Monsanto Employing Troll Army To Silence Online Dissent? | May 15, 2015


New court documents allege that Monsanto is employing an army of internet trolls to literally "Let Nothing Go"--no article, no comment, no social media post is to be left unanswered by these third party proxies. Find out about the court case from which these documents have emerged, the history and context of the accusations, and what it all means in today's thought for the day.

Show Notes:
Monsanto Accused of Hiring Army of Trolls to Silence Online Dissent – Court Papers
Plaintiff Motion in court case – April 24, 2017
Internal Monsanto emails related to case
Monsatan On Trial For Roundup Cancer
Project Censored award for Corbett Report on Monsanto
Genetic Fallacy: How Monsanto Silences Scientific Dissent
How To Make A Lobbyist Squirm

Newsbud | Facebook & Google: The New Faces of Big Brother | May 15, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

They call this the information age and Social media has revolutionized the transfer of information worldwide, allowing people to connect instantaneously and share information as its happening. While this appears to be a good thing, and in many instances it is, we must take into account who are the ones that are controlling these platforms, what are their intentions and how much power do these mega corporations really have?

Show Notes:
Germany Passes Bill To Fine FaceBook, Twitter Up To $50MM For "Fake News"
The Imperative of Replacing Google and Facebook
Facebook Suspends 30,000 French Accounts 10 days Before Election in Attempt to Censor Le Pen Supporters
Austrian Court's 'Hate Speech' Ruling Says Facebook Must Remove Perfectly Legal Posts All Over The World
Facebook to Appeal Global Hate Speech Order in Austria

Catherine Austin Fitts | They're Trying to Centralize Control | May 9, 2017


Financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts says the elite are trying to shrink the pie to centralize control. It doesn't have to be that way. There are lots of ways to grow the pie, and one way is with new technology.

Fitts thinks President Trump “has done a much better job than I expected considering he has no government experience.”

The fraud in the budgets, according to Fitts, has got to stop. . . . More than $11 trillion has disappeared from the federal budgets, and it’s all documented on

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary of Housing during the Bush (41) Administration and Publisher of The Solari Report.

Brien Foerster | Lost Ancient High Technology Of Egypt 2017: Abu Ghurob | May 14, 2017


Very few people ever see this fascinating location because it is not on most tour itineraries. -Brien Foerster

Max Igan | White Genocide, Is It Racist or Is It Real? | May 12, 2017


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - May 12th, 2017.

Bill Ryan | Cosmic Backflash! Corey’s Stories #Epicfail | Dark Journalist | May 13, 2017

Source:, Project Avalon Forum

More Revelations From Project Avalon's Bill Ryan Including Disturbing New Evidence!

Project Avalon’s Bill Ryan returns for part 2 of his in-depth interview with Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt this week to discuss the details of his viral article, “The Truth About Corey Goode,” which attempts to explain the bizarre story of a man who claims to be a member of Secret Unacknowledged Special Access Programs inside the military that deal with UFO and space operations, but who has offered no actual evidence for his incredible assertions.

Mind Control Entertainment: The Covert Technology
Ryan explains in detail that the co-opting of genuine research into the Secret Space Program by Goode and others from legitimate UFO investigators and whistleblowers, like Dr. Joseph Farrell, Richard Dolan, Gary McKinnon, appears to be the combination of opportunist marketing gurus and low-level covert intelligence operators. He also describes a technology of mind control and consciousness hijacking revealed by whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan.

Dr. Duncan gave disturbing information of a deep intelligence program that targets unstable, compromised individuals under personal and financial pressure to come forward with unverifiable information or sensationalist stories as a way to drag down UFO credibility and control the narrative around independent research that gets too close to the truth.

Ryan explains that based his personal interactions with Goode and on information he gleamed by working with the testimony he gave when he first came forward publicly, that he has concluded that Goode is a prime example of this kind of insidious program that turns a human being into a manipulated puppet of a larger agenda.

Missing Trillions: Deflecting Legitimate Research Into The Secret Space Program
Is the marketing enterprise circus around Goode, that includes TV show appearances with host David Wilcock (who bizarrely claims to be the reincarnation of Famous Psychic Edgar Cayce), Blue Avian Comic Books and Glitzy Event Appearances, a coordinated effort to create a bogus UFO Celebrity in order to distract from genuine investigation into the missing trillions which more reliable sources say have been pumped into a Secret Space Program? Are all of these New Age Sci-Fi fantasies being presented as the truth, with no corroborating evidence in a concerted effort to discourage legitimate research?

Elisa E. | Mind War: Psy-Ops, World-view Warfare, and Targeted Groups | OffPlanet Radio with Randy Maugans | May 12, 2017 

Source:, Book: Our Life Beyond MKULTRA

Are major UFO Conferences used as lures for operatives to be re-programmed? What are the dangers to TIs, operatives, survivors of SRA, cults, and those in de-programming ... and to attendees in general?

"This is the key point: the effective employment of air and space power has to do not so much with airplanes and missiles and engineering as with thinking and attitude and imagination."-- General Merrill A. McPeak, USAF.

~Neocortical Warfare-RAND CORP.
~New World War Revolutionary Methods for Political Control by Mark M. Rich
~Doctrine For Joint Psychological Operations-Joint Chiefs of Staff publication

Contact In The Desert/Corey Goode/Steven Greer/ Wizard of Oz/"Over the Rainbow Programming"
The UFO scene, conferences as addiction; critical for people de-programming to attend these events---which can be re=programming venues for TIs, ex-Black Ops operatives, MPD/DID, SRA survivors, etc.
Isolation and exposure risks at major events like UFO conferences
Steven Greer. Plasma ships, Contact In the Desert, energy-based mind control, mass hypnosis.

Elisa's programming to Steven Greer; the International UFO Conference in Laughlin; how she was programmed into a situation where she was deployed as an assassin; Greer is a programmed asset of the CIA; Podesta designated agent for "disclosure" program; has ongoing contact with John Podesta and Hillary Clinton.

Elisa's encounter with Steven Greer at IUFOC. (00:25:00)
Induced states, neuro-linguistic programming, and layered signals.
Staged meetings, mind controlled actors/operatives planted to monitor and harrass targeted attendees
Connections to conferences, intelligence agencies, key "asset" media outlets like Project Camelot.

We discuss what the "Secret Space Program": a mind control program that operates as a front for weapons programs and atmospheric mind control; Corey Goode just the latest version of a long series of planted assets, used to exploit people in the UFO, "Exopolitics" movements; Exopolitics is a money-making operation; SSP is a truth, but NOT what is presented.

The Theme of the Meme is the Blue Avians. Goode is using indoctrination to cancel out the menacing aspects of the secret weapons programs; the multi-tiered aspects of SSP; masking sexual abuse, pedophilia, and traumatic mind control programs; "Mars" programming, screen memories; "space" as it is presented is a myth; SSP uses simulations, induction, and hypnosis on subjects.

Elisa talks about her experiences with a UFO abductees group. Group was a "honeypot operation" for programming; encounter with a humanoid entity; a visit to "red place" (Mars?), MiLABS. Rape and sexual programming as "Kundalini".

SSP as cover-up for various clandestine operations, A.I., transhumanism and plasma weaponry. Orbs and Sphere Beings to present plasma weaponry as exotic and exciting "sci-fi"-type imagery.
How MILABS and Super Soldier programs emerged as conduits for misdirection.

Exopolitics has replaced MUFON. Well financed, celebrities, glossy "Hollywood" presentation. Legitimate expositors of information on SSP, Catherine Austin-Fitts, Joseph Farrell; researching verifiable information vs. the undocumented programs; psycho-spiritual aspects of "disclosure".
Unacknowledged Special Access Programs.

Release of MK-ULTRA documents was a controlled leak to hide the major programs and agendas.
Exopolitics, SSP as "magnets" to sustain the illusions about "outer space" programs; it is a belief system; the balance between the intellectual and spiritual exploration of all phenomenon. Levels of information that do not exist as documentation.

The Spiritual.BIZ interview with Corey Goode on making money from "spirituality"; the CULT being built around The Sphere Being Alliance and the Blue Avians; ascension; cults are money-making operations.

Whistleblowers usually wind up being stalked, abused, targeted, broke, and marginalized---how does Corey Goode wind up on the talk circuit, feted, put up in nice home, being paid high dollars, and running a media entertainment enterprise. Glamorizing mind control.

Disposable "assets": Max Spiers, the sacrifice of key figures; invitation to walk away from the agencies' agenda, join us in exploring and exposing the truth---not the fictions deployed as deep psychological operations to hide their agendas. -Randy Maugans

New World Next Week | New Tech To Track Every Homeless Person In NYC | May 11, 2017


Story #1: Xi Jinping's New Silk Road Summit Will Step Up China's Endorsement Of Globalization
NWNW Flashback: UN, China Agree on Silk Road Initiative Cooperation (Sep. 29, 2016)
Globalization 2.0: China Ushering in Newer, Shinier New World Order!

Story #2: Florida, The First State To Arrest Anyone For Selling Bitcoin, Is Passing Laws To Imprison Them
Florida House Bill 1379: Defining Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin Value Rises Over $1B As Japan, Russia Move To Legitimize Cryptocurrency
Study Highlights Growing Significance Of Cryptocurrencies

Story #3: NYC’s New Tech To Track Every Homeless Person In The City
Update: Second German Soldier Arrested In False Flag Refugee Plot

Prof. Jürgen Schmidhuber | AI Pioneer, On The Beneficial & Sinister Applications Of The Technology | Richie Allen Show | May 10, 2017

Source:, Jürgen Schmidhubers website

Since age 15 or so, the main goal of professor Jürgen Schmidhuber has been to build a self-improving Artificial Intelligence (AI) smarter than himself, then retire. He has pioneered self-improving general problem solvers since 1987, and Deep Learning Neural Networks (NNs) since 1991. The recurrent NNs developed by his research group were the first to win official international contests.

They have revolutionized handwriting recognition, speech recognition, machine translation, image captioning, Deep Learning since 1991 - Winning Contests in Pattern Recognition and Sequence Learning Through Fast & Deep / Recurrent Neural Networks and other fields, and are now available to billions of users through Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Baidu, and many other companies.

DeepMind is heavily influenced by his lab's former students (including 2 of DeepMind's first 4 members and their first PhDs in AI). His team's Deep Learners were the first to win object detection and image segmentation contests, and achieved the world's first superhuman visual classification results, winning nine international competitions in machine learning & pattern recognition (more than any other team).

They also were the first to learn control policies directly from high-dimensional sensory input using reinforcement learning. His research group also established the field of mathematically rigorous universal AI and optimal universal problem solvers. His formal theory of creativity & curiosity & fun explains art, science, music, and humor. He also generalized algorithmic information theory and the many-worlds theory of physics, and introduced the concept of Low-Complexity Art, the information age's extreme form of minimal art.

Since 2009 he has been member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. He has published 333 peer-reviewed papers, earned seven best paper/best video awards, the 2013 Helmholtz Award of the International Neural Networks Society, and the 2016 IEEE Neural Networks Pioneer Award. Progress is accelerating - are 40,000 years of human-dominated history about to converge within the next few decades?

Peter Levenda | Fatima and Sekret Machines | FADE To BLACK with Jimmy Church | May 9, 2017


Peter Levenda has researched the material for his books for almost 30 years, visiting more than 40 countries and gaining access to temples, prisons, military installations, and government documents. He is the author of Sinister Forces One, Two and Three, The Hitler Legacy, Ratline and Tantric Temples.

You can view his published work as trilogies: the three volumes of Sinister Forces make up the American Trilogy; the three volumes Unholy Alliance, Ratline, and The Hitler Legacy make up the Nazi Trilogy; The Secret Temple, The Angel and the Sorcerer, and The Dark Lord make up the Western Esoteric Trilogy; Stairway to Heaven, Tantric Temples, and the upcoming The Tantric Alchemist will make up the Initiatory Trilogy.

He appeared in the TNT documentary Faces of Evil as an expert on Nazi history with special regard to occult and esoteric practices. He has also appeared on the History Channel special Nazi Prophecies.

His most recent release is: Sekret Machines: Gods: Volume 1 of Gods Man & War with Tom DeLonge of Blink 182 and To The Stars Media.

The first half of the show we discuss the 100th Anniversary of Fatima which occured on May 13th, 2017 in a mountainous region at the center of Portugal, where the Mother of God appeared six times to three young children...the second half is Sekret Machines: Gods Volume 1 which he co-authored with Tom DeLonge.

Interview start: 31:20 min.

Newsbud | China Watch with Peter Lee | Asia on the Brink! And Does the New York Times Have a Stick of Dynamite for Xi Jinping? | May 10, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

This week on Newsbud’s China Watch with Peter Lee: Asia on the Brink! Korea Votes and Kim Jong Un Collects Hostages. Is Admiral Harris in China’s Sights? And Does the New York Times Have a Stick of Dynamite Waiting for Xi Jinping?

Show Notes:
China urged US to fire Pacific Command Chief Harris in return for pressure on North Korea
Admiral Harry Harris & Who’s Lying About that Aircraft Carrier?
Fu Zhenghua tape: Xi (Jinping) Investigates Wang (Qishan) in Chinese
What Lies Behind China’s HNA Group’s $40 Billion M&A Buying Spree?
Xi Jinping Millionaire Relations Reveal Fortunes of Elite
Bloomberg's Folly
A Chinese Mystery: Who Owns a Firm on a Global Shopping Spree?
Statement of Sasha Gong, Fred Wang, Huchen Zhang, and Robert Li
A Maze of Capital Leads to Anbang’s Aggressive Expansion
China’s ‘Most Dangerous Woman’ Knows Which Way the Wind Blows

Michael Schratt | "That's Classified" Technology | FADE To BLACK with Jimmy Church | May 8, 2017


Michael Schratt is a private pilot/military aerospace historian and has lectured across the country on the unique subject of "Mystery Aircraft", and classified propulsion systems buried deep within the military industrial complex.

A guest speaker at the “OSHKOSH” AirVenture 2006/2007 event, (world’s largest air show), Michael has developed a number of contacts which have had first hand experience dealing classified “black programs”, including former USAF pilots, retired Naval personnel, and aerospace engineers that have maintained a TOP SECRET SCI security clearance.

Michael currently works as a SolidWorks draftsman in Phoenix AZ. In an effort to expose government fraud, waste and abuse, Michael devotes much of his free time researching aerospace technical documents, conducting interviews, and travelling to multiple University archives.

As a concerned citizen, it’s his belief that it is our Constitutional obligation to question authority, and demand an accounting of unacknowledged special access programs that bypass congressional oversight and public scrutiny.

Interview start: 15:40 min.

Newsbud | Breaking: Tunnel Collapses At Hanford Nuclear Site – Emergency Declared | May 9, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

The US Department of Energy has declared an emergency at the Hanford, Washington nuclear waste storage site, after a tunnel used to store contaminated materials caved in. The tunnel was full of highly contaminated materials such as hot radioactive trains that transport fuel rods. Tune in to this Newsbud Special Report with Spiro for history, context and implications.

Show Notes:
Tunnel at plutonium finishing plant collapses in Hanford
Emergency declared at Hanford nuclear reservation Study: Higher cancer rates for Hanford workers
Hanford Workers Approved for Cancer Compensation
AP: Radioactive Leaks Found at 75 Percent of U.S. Nuclear Power Sites
The B Reactor National Historic Landmark
Nuclear leak at Washington's infamous Hanford Site is CATASTROPHIC
Emergency declared at US Hanford nuclear waste site after tunnel collapse
Tunnel collapse at Hanford Nuclear site, emergency declared

Bill Ryan | Secret Space Program Spooks: Whistleblower #FAIL! | Dark Journalist | May 7, 2017

Source:, Project Avalon Forum

Project Avalon’s Bill Ryan Speaks Out on Corey Goode
Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes Project Avalon’s Bill Ryan to the show. Ryan first hit the spotlight a decade ago with his efforts at seeking out Secret Space Program whistleblowers and having them deliver riveting information live on video along with his research partner Kerry Cassidy on the early alternative series called Project Camelot. Eventually Ryan split with Cassidy and developed his own forum of research called Project Avalon which tackles deep subject matter with an informed community.

The Truth is Never Easy
In this special episode, Ryan will go on the record about the details of his viral article called ‘The Truth About Corey Goode’ that is gaining rapid attention and attempts to explain and in some sense unmask the bizarre story of Corey Goode. Ryan had his own interactions with Goode before he went public and believes that his story is unreliable.

Secret Space Circus 2017: The New Normal
Many fact based revelations came out in the last decade about the development of a Secret Space Program including UK Hacker Gary McKinnon discovering an “Off-world Officers List” while reading classified files at NASA, for which the US Government attempted to extradite and charge him with espionage. Other analysts came forward with remarkable disclosures about missing Government funds and the outline of a completely hidden agenda.

In tandem with this fascinating investigative reporting effort, a sideshow also developed with all kinds of discrediting themes, like fantasy beings and galactic ambassadors and space saviors to boot. A lot of this activity has centered around Corey Goode from Texas who claims to be a veteran insider of secret unacknowledged programs involving the military and space, but has offered zero evidence for this incredible assertion. In fact, Goode has no military record except a brief stint in the Texas State Guard, not exactly known as a hotbed of deep intelligence activity.

Ryan has attempted to have Goode take a Lie-Detector test to prove some of his wild assertions or to have him regressed to find out if his memories are real, implanted or fabricated. Goode has rejected the suggestion saying that hypnotic regression is ‘invasive.’ Without these evidentiary methods being employed to verify his memories and with no evidence being presented to support his story, Goode’s account of being in a secret program appears to be falling apart.

Missing Trillions: The Original Secret Space Research Mandate
The original Secret Space Program Conferences organized by Global BEM, including one held in Austin Texas in 2015 and hosted by Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt, featured Former Assistant HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts and Giza Death Star’s Joseph Farrell, and brought forward verifiable evidence along with informed speculation from many experts and scientists and former Government officials. The event raised the spectre of a covert effort that was draining trillions of dollars from the US budget and siphoning them into a Complex Space Endeavor for private interests.

The Secret Space Program investigation took a turn for the bizarre after Gaia TV aired the Goode story even though he was completely unvetted by any journalistic standard and had absolutely no evidence to back up his assertions. It was pumped into the alt-research community by a series of TV episodes they developed for their select audience featuring Interviews with Goode by host David Wilcock.

Goode’s Story
Goode claims to be an insider of various secret programs and a spokesman relaying spiritual messages from a group of alien beings. He has even developed a Comic Book Series of his ET communications with what he calls ‘a Sphere Being Alliance.’ Goode’s story not only sounded like a Sci-Fi fantasy adventure, it also created a new version of a cult- like alien called a 'Blue Avian' with blue skin and feathers.

Goode’s story largely incorporated elements of many Alternative Media themes like fighting the Illuminati, Cabal tribunals, Mandela effect, Breakaway Civilization and Babylonian Magic. Respected authors like Joseph Farrell and Richard Dolan were shocked to see their research shabbily recycled in a sensationalist and histrionic fashion.

With all of this in mind, the question becomes: are those driving this bizarre, unverified, unvetted story about Goode being some kind of an insider in a covert program part of an effort to deflect attention away from the genuine research process underway to find where the missing trillions went that were pumped into the Secret Space Program? Ryan wonders whether all of this hyperbole being presented with no corroborating evidence is a concerted activity meant to replace legitimate inquiry with Sci-Fi adventure tales mixed with faux New Age psychobabble.

Newsbud | NATO Gearing up for Regime Change in Russia with False Flag Operations? | May 7, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

In the thirty-first of the Russian Newspapers Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the articles from four Russian newspapers: Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Izvestia, Kommersant, and Komsomolskaya Pravda. He discusses the recent sinking of the Russian spy ship ‘Liman’ in the Black Sea, the interview with the Russian permanent representative to NATO Alexander Grushko, the summit meeting between the German chancellor Angela Merkel and the Russian president Vladimir Putin, and the claims about the potential ‘false flag’ terrorist attack in Kiev during the Eurovision song contest.

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News | May 6, 2017


The Legal Alliance To Stop Geoengineering (LASG) is continuing with the effort to gain critical information from government agencies. The global climate engineering assault is completely out of control, the consequences will be total if these programs of planetary omnicide are not exposed and stopped.

The US is ready to instigate WWlll by using the North Korea missile testing as an excuse. What is the US doing at the very same time? Testing ICBMs (Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles). Fukushima continues to get worse with a "huge red blob of nuclear waste" being reported off the US west coast.

The latest completely engineered chemically ice nucleated "snowstorm" has devastated crops and killed as many as 10,000 cows. The Saudis now own major US oil infrastructure with the full support of our criminal government. The Saudis are also enjoying the US government's support of their ruthless bombing of Yemen, one of the poorest nations in the world.

The military industrial complex is ramping up their aggression on countless fronts with president Trump as their new mascot. The office of the president is now just a part of the power structure, it has been so for a very long time. Willful blindness and blatant denial are running rampant in the ranks of the human race.

The more critical our collective reality becomes, the more fanatical the behavior will be from many. Fully facing dire realities is extremely difficult, to ignore those same realities is certain suicide. Any that are truly awake are desperately needed to help with the effort to wake others, this is the only way forward in the fight for the greater good.

Max Igan | The Controlled Demolition of the Independent Media | May 5, 2017


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - May 5th, 2017.

Patrick Wood | AGENDA 21 Infiltrator Spills NEVER Before Heard Secrets—The "Great Replacement" Has Kicked-Off | May 4, 2017


Once again, the illustrious Patrick Wood nails it. Technocracy is the missing link for most people struggling to understand the mindset behind, and the ultimate goal of globalism. -Crystal Clark

Newsbud | HSBC Whistleblower Nicholas Wilson Throws His Hat In The Ring For Parliament To Fight Corruption | May 4, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

Nicholas Wilson has been fighting as a whistleblower to expose criminal actions by one of the most powerful banks in the world for 14+ years. In this interview with Newsbud’s Spiro Skouras HSBC whistleblower Nicholas Wilson announces his candidacy for British Member of Parliament in Hastings Rye. Mr. Wilson believes the UK is the most corrupt country in the world and he hopes to do something about it.

Show Notes:
Whistleblower wins 13-year campaign against HSBC
Claims and counterclaims over ‘dark money’ trail leading from HSBC to the Tories
Newsbud Phase 3, Support a 100% People-Funded Media Outlet

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | May 4, 2017


The state of Texas is joining other American states in considering legislation to recognize gold and silver coins as legitimate currency; while the revolt against the Fed is growing...there's a problem...

Texas Bill to Establish Gold & Silver as Legal Tender, Dealing Massive Blow to Federal Reserve

New World Next Week | German Soldier Busted Posing as Refugee to Stage False Flag Terror | May 4, 2017


Story #1: Russia’s Mir Payment Cards To Give Visa, MasterCard a Run For Their Money
China and Russia Creating Alternate Banking System
China’s SWIFT Alternative and the (Engineered) Death of the Dollar
NWNW Flashback: Russia, China In Talks to Make SWIFT Alternative

Story #2: German Soldier Posed As Syrian Refugee In False Flag Terror Plot
Background story: Germany investigating how a soldier falsely registered as a refugee to try and commit a #FalseFlag terror attack
Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia

Story #3: Austria Wants To Tax Tweeting, Searching, Liking On The Internet
Indian Government Says Citizens Don't Have Absolute Right Over Their Bodies
'13.5 crore Aadhaar accounts compromised'
Hundreds Suffer as City Shuts Down Church for Helping the Homeless
#GoodNewsNextWeek: Being In Nature Naturally Makes You Feel Better

F. William Engdahl | The Lost Hegemon: How the CIA Lost It's Holy War Crusade

Source:,, Information Machine

Christian Crusades of the late 11th century; split between Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox; the War on Terror; WWI betrayal as incubator for Muslim Brother jihadists; Sykes-Picot secret agreement; Muslim Brotherhood in Nazi Germany; the CIA and the Muslim Brothers; Osama bin Laden; Azerbaijan and Chechnya; Muslim Brotherhood a death cult; T.E. Lawrence; Muslim World League as the missionary arm of the Muslim Brotherhood; indebtedness as the model for bringing down the Ottoman Empire and others ever since; Fetullah Gulen’s Worldwide Islamic Movement in the Turkic belt; Gladio networks in Turkey; color revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Tiananmen Square; CANVAS in Belgrade, Serbia; National Endowment for Democracy; the Albert Einstein Institution; Graham Fuller and the CIA; Boston Marathon bombing; undeveloped oil and gas reserves in Syria.

John Lenard Walson | Moon Footage 2017 | May 3, 2017

Source: JohnLenardWalson youtube

"Anything will help, even $1. I'm saving to be able to bring my telescope to a dark area, no atmospheric distractions. I want to give you clear beautiful high quality video, and evidence from a remote location without freezing in the process, and without interference. Your help is greatly appreciated. Love, and light to all of you my friends." -John Lenard Walson


The Corbett Report | Can A Real, People-Powered Media Alternative Exist? Newsbud Thinks So | May 3, 2017


Sibel Edmonds and Spiro Skouras join us today to discuss's third round of Kickstarter funding. We discuss the amazing team they've managed to put together for Newsbud over the last year and what they hope to accomplish with the next round of funding. We also delve into different funding models for the alt media and how non-advertisement-based, non-foundation-funded media can exist in the current economy.

Join the Kickstarter: Newsbud Kickstarter page

Newsbud | Death at Your Door: Knock-and-Talk Police Tactics Rip a Hole in the Constitution | May 2, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

This is what passes for “knock-and-talk” policing in the American police state. “Knock-and-shoot” policing might be more accurate, however. Whatever you call it, this aggressive, excessive police tactic has become a thinly veiled, warrantless exercise by which citizens are coerced and intimidated into “talking” with heavily armed police who “knock” on their doors in the middle of the night.

Winston Churchill once declared that “democracy means that if the doorbell rings in the early hours, it is likely to be the milkman.” Clearly, we don’t live in a democracy. No, in the American police state, when you find yourself woken in the early hours by someone pounding on your door, smashing through your door, terrorizing your family, killing your pets, and shooting you if you dare to resist in any way, you don’t need to worry that it might be burglars out to rob and kill you: it’s just the police.

Show Notes
Michigan Supreme Court hears oral arguments in ‘knock and talk’ marijuana butter case
Young v. Borders, Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals
Appeals Court: Officer Who Shot and Killed Innocent Man in His Own Home Cannot Be Sued
Judge rules Lake deputy was justified in fatal shooting
A taste of SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch's western wisdom
Death at Your Door: Knock-and-Talk Police Tactics Rip a Hole in the Constitution
Battlefield America: The War on the American People
Rutherford Institute

Annie Jacobsen | CIA and ESP | FADE To BLACK with Jimmy Church | May 1, 2017


Annie Jacobsen is a journalist, bestselling author, and 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist. Her books AREA 51, OPERATION PAPERCLIP, and THE PENTAGON’S BRAIN were New York Times bestsellers and have been collectively published in many languages.

Her newest book is “PHENOMENA: The Secret History of the U.S. Government’s Investigations Into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis,” was released on March 28th of this year.

OPERATION PAPERCLIP was chosen as one of the best non-fiction books of 2014 by The Boston Globe, Apple iBooks, and Publishers Weekly. THE PENTAGON’S BRAIN was a 2016 Pulitzer Prize Finalist in the history category and was chosen as one of the best books of the year by The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and Amazon.

Each of her books is in television development with Valhalla/AMC, Plan B/RatPac, Warner Brothers/J.J. Abrams/Bad Robot and Spielberg’s Amblin/Blumhouse.

Annie graduated from St. Paul’s School and Princeton University where she wrote with Joyce Carol Oates and Paul Auster, studied Greek, and served as Captain of the Princeton Women’s Ice Hockey Team.

Interview start 32:40 min.

Obsolete — Full Documentary Official (2016)


OBSOLETE description:
The Future Doesn't Need Us… Or So We've Been Told.

With the rise of technology and the real-time pressures of an online, global economy, humans will have to be very clever – and very careful – not to be left behind by the future.

From the perspective of those in charge, human labor is losing its value, and people are becoming a liability.

This documentary reveals the real motivation behind the secretive effort to reduce the population and bring resource use into strict, centralized control.

Could it be that the biggest threat we face isn't just automation and robots destroying jobs, but the larger sense that humans could become obsolete altogether?

Newsbud | The Geopolitical Report with Kurt Nimmo | Iran In The Crosshairs | May 1, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

On this edition of The Geopolitical Report, we cover the Trump administration’s move to nullify the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and demonize Iran as the leading state sponsor of terror in the world.

Trump’s secretary of state Rex Tillerson says Iran is up to no good in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Lebanon. However, when history is examined without a jaundiced eye, we see that it is the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Israel that are responsible for many of the problems in the Middle East.

If all the facts are taken into consideration, we quickly arrive at the conclusion the United States is the leading exporter of terror in the world, not Iran.

Show Notes:
Tillerson: Iran complying with nuclear deal, but still sponsoring terrorism
Syria and the city of Deraa: How the CIA engineered the civil war in Syria
CIA Interventions in Syria: A Partial Timeline
No, Yemen’s Houthis actually aren’t Iranian puppets
Coping with Crumbling States: A Western and Israeli Balance of Power Strategy for the Levant
The U.S. Role in Iraq’s Upsurge of Violence
The Chaos in Iraq is by Design. The Goal is to “Break up the Country”
Water and Israel's Occupation Strategy
Israeli War Crimes Committed In Lebanon In 1978 And 1982
Analysis: Hamas history tied to Israel
CIA Red Cell special memorandum on ”What If Foreigners See the United States as an ’Exporter of Terrorism’”

Questions For Corbett | May 1, 2017


Is it possible to mind control an assassin? Is overpopulation hysteria justified? How would a free society cope without police? Find out the answers to these and other listener questions as James gives you a tour of his bookshelf.

Show Notes

Max Igan | Brushing the Truth Aside | Apr. 28, 2017


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - April 28th, 2017.

Richard Dolan | Understanding False Flag Operations In Our Time

Source:,, Information Machine

False flag operations analyzed as a distinctively modern phenomena, post WWI; the planet being stolen by a transnational corporate financial class; ideological false flags including religions and nationalism; the propaganda spectrum including cultural values, educational system and news media; a war of corporate cultural control and imposition of a global police state; US Psychological Operations Manual; white, grey and black PSYOPs; regime change and color revolutions; NGOs; characteristics of a false flag.

Catherine Austin Fitts | Empire Endgame: Digital Slave Population! | Dark Journalist | Apr. 27, 2017


In the exciting Part 2 episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt interviews Former US Assistant Housing Secretary and Solari Report Publisher Catherine Austin Fitts. Together they focus on the intensely dangerous moves towards Transhumanist control that the Global Empire is making to attempt to fight the forces of populism exploding around the world. The apex of these moves is the push to create a Digital Currency.

Covert Forces
After looking closely at the covert forces behind the war tensions with North Korea and Syria, Fitts sees the plans of the hidden elite groups that are attempting to set up the conditions to survive and rule when the debt-growth model is exhausted and the Central Banking Warfare model implodes. Their plans call for a Cold War 2.0 with Russia, but after the defeat of Neocon Hawk Hillary Clinton, they are instead trying to sell President Trump on what Whistleblower General Wesley Clark described in 2006 as a 'Five Year, Seven Nation War' that would leave the empire intact but ultimately destroy America's prosperity.

Deep State Vs. Reality Problem
Fitts sees a Deep State systemic problem that involves the Washington Political Establishment, the Corporate Media, Wall Street Forces and the Intelligence Agencies and their attempt to create a false version of reality for general consumption while maintaining a model of intense secrecy. The utilization of Black Budget operations keep the average perception of the general public in a state of perpetual misinformation.

Transhumanist Digital Slavery
Fitts believes that the Global Elite Power Circles are starting to panic and want to bring about their microchipped, chemtrail, digital slave model into full reality as soon as possible. She sees these leadership types as believing in slavery as a means of control and profit with little concern for human rights. The Transhumanist outlook is that they can bring about mechanization and robotics to supply a labor force and boost the productivity that they require and are exploring different means of depopulation for the wider public.

With the modern advent of advanced satellites, invasive tracking technology, drone warfare and the development of a Global Smart Grid, many of their tools for dominance are in place as they weigh their options for consolidation of power!

Newsbud | China Watch with Peter Lee | We’re at the Tipping Point on North Korea…and Who’s Lying About that Aircraft Carrier? | Apr. 26, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

Show Notes:
NK Media’s Broadside Won’t Impact China Policy
DPRK Says No Dialogue with U.S. without Washington Abandoning Hostility
North Korea said to detain third U.S. citizen
Carl Vinson Strike Group Departs Singapore for Western Pacific
Deterring Revisionist Powers with Admiral Harry Harris
Photo: USS Carl Vinson Transits the Sunda Strait
Trump Unleashes Generals. They Don’t Always See the Big Picture
Carried away: the inside story of how the Carl Vinsons’ canceled port visit sparked an international crisis

James Corbett | Oil and 9/11: Crossroads of Corruption and Criminality

Source:,, Information Machine

Corbett's two documentaries are discussed, beginning with How Big Oil Conquered the World; the rise of the oiligarchy; the Yom Kippur War and subsequent 1973 oil shock; petro dollars and the monetary system; the creation of modern education, medicine, the green and gene revolution; control of the food supply, and the interrelationship of the global petrochemical industry with all of the above. 9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money is analyzed as a crime and follows the money through the Silverstein heist, the secret heist of Marsh & McLennan, et al., put and call option insider trading on many corporations; and the Pentagon's missing trillions.

New World Next Week | Trump Campaign Chair Arrested For Child Sex Trafficking | Apr. 27, 2017


Story #1: Obama’s $400,000 Cantor Speech Makes Him Wall Street's Newest Fat Cat
Complete 9/11 Timeline: Cantor Fitzgerald Securities

Story #2: Fmr. Trump Campaign Chair Just Arrested for Child Sex Trafficking — During the Campaign
Trump's Mythical Crackdown on Sex Trafficking
Pearse Redmond Updates Us On The Epstein Pedophile Scandal
Reminder: Trump's Lawyer Tried To Cover Up Trump's Deposition In Pedophile Epstein Case
Message Logs Of Trump Calls From Epstein's Phone Message Book
7 Things You Need To Know About Trump And Sex Slave Island
Victims Alleging Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Raped Them As Kids, Exposing Police Cover-Up

Story #3: Man Fined $500 for Crime Of Writing 'I Am An Engineer' In An Email To Oregon Government
After Challenging Red Light Cameras, Oregon Man Fined $500 for Practicing Engineering Without License
Related: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, AG Ellen Rosenblum Blaze Oregon Trail Of Political Patronage
NWNW Flashback: Turning a Traffic Ticket Into Constitutional Trial of the Century (Feb. 23, 2017)
Flashback: Cities Shortening Yellow Traffic Lights For Deadly Profit (Feb. 23, 2010)
#GoodNewsNextWeek: Open-Source Textbooks Cut College Costs + P2P Medicine Sites & Tool Libraries

F. William Engdahl | Washington's Dangerous War On Cash: What It's Really About

Source:,, Information Machine

India withdraws 86% of the value of all currency in circulation; USAID; Project Catalyst; Global Innovation Exchange; Better Than Cash Alliance; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; UNICEF; UN Development Program; Mitre Corporation; the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA); Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); the larger global agenda of total control; ECB set up to favor Germany; Trade Czar Peter Navarro; US currency war aimed at destroying the Euro; US planned destruction of the Eurozone; glyphosate; fascism of EU bureaucracy in Brussels; assassination of Chairman of Deutsche Bank, Alfred Herrhausen; US emerging as the biggest tax haven in the world.

Noam Chomsky | North Korea & Iran: Historical Record Shows U.S. Favors Violence Over Diplomacy | | Apr. 26, 2017


Over the last month, the Trump administration has escalated tensions between both North Korea and Iran. Vice President Mike Pence has warned North Korea, saying all options are on the table—including preemptive military strikes. Will either of these conflicts escalate to outright war?

For more, Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman asked world-renowned linguist, professor and political dissident Noam Chomsky, during a wide-ranging interview Monday night at the First Parish Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Apr. 26, 2017


Did the financial oligarchs just get the message? Wolfgang Schauble, the German Finance Minister, seems to indicate that they did... may just be a case of more window dressing, depending on what "restructuring" means:

We need a new glob­al eco­nom­ic goal: re­silience

Jeff Rense & Catherine Austin Fitts | Is Blazing Nuclear War Imminent?


Ben Davidson | Solar Grand Minimums, Magnetic Reversals and Ice Ages | April 2017


Ben Davidson joins again to continue the conversation on space weather and its influence on the climate. He discusses the regular solar cycles and the impact of the coming Solar Grand Minimum and the emergence of the Polar Vortex. He takes it deeper with a discussion on magnetic reversals and the current state of our magnetosphere and provides some similarities with solar magnetic reversals and the Earth's current magnetic excursion. He also covers the role of galactic cosmic rays and their impact on the climate.

Newsbud | The Geopolitical Report with Kurt Nimmo | McMaster of War | Apr. 24, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

H.R. McMaster, President Trump's national security advisor, is working behind the scenes to send tens of thousands of ground troops into Syria to take out the government of Bashar al-Assad. On the edition of The Geopolitical Report, we look at how Barack Obama set the stage for an escalation of U.S. intervention in a “civil war” engineered by the CIA and the Gulf Emirates. We also take a look at McMaster's record in Iraq where he mistreated detainees and his association with the convicted criminal and former CIA director David Petraeus. H.R. McMaster is Donald Trump's Master of War.

Show Notes
H.R. McMaster Manipulating Intelligence Reports to Trump, Wants 150,000 Ground Soldiers in Syria
Trump Said No to Troops in Syria. His Aides Aren't So Sure.
Unlike Obama, Trump defers to generals’ advice on military strategy
US Army Investigator Accuses National Security Adviser McMaster of War Crimes in Iraq
McMaster casts doubt on US sending more troops to Syria
National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster: U.S. Wants to Eliminate 'Murderous Regime' in Syria
McMaster: Trump open to more military action in Syria but seeks 'political solution'
Trump administration stops disclosing troop deployments in Iraq and Syria
Iran is ‘world’s biggest sponsor of state terrorism’, says US Defense Secretary James Mattis
New CIA Director Mike Pompeo Has Hawkish History on Israel and Iran
Donald Trump became a war president even sooner than predicted

Max Igan | The Australian Govt is Corrupt to its Core - A Conversation With Brendon O'Connell | Apr. 21, 2017


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - April 21st, 2017.

Newsbud | U.S. Globalists Strike Back: Nuclear Arms Race in Europe, Gladio C in Moldova and Belarus | Apr. 23, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the articles from four Russian newspapers: Izvestia, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Pravda and Argumenty i Fakty.

He discusses the U.S.-led coalition bombing of Deir-ez-Zor, Syria which allegedly released chemical poisons into the air, the U.S. under Trump positioning even more nuclear weapons in Europe, the NATO-CIA-MI6 Gladio C operations in Moldova and Belarus, and the Russian prospects in cyber warfare.
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